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Vegan Organic Protein was created out of a love for an organic plant based lifestyle! Regardless of whether you're already die-hard vegan, are taking the steps to get there or simply value the benefits of a more plant-based diet, you are welcome here! We believe that an organic plant based diet goes hand in hand with living a healthy active life. Whether you're interested in vegan bodybuilding, finding the best vegan protein powder or looking for the best vegan recipes, you've come to the right place! Come join us on our journey as we pursue balance, health and wholeness!

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Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – Two Ways!

With a hankering for pumpkin cookies, I decided to give vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a try!  Pumpkin can often be substituted for eggs in recipes where the eggs serve to bind and moisten.  Because of the combination of wet and dry ingredients in this soft and chewy cookie, no other type of flax egg […]

Vegan Bodybuilding: Benefits of Squats

Whether you are new to the world of vegan bodybuilding, or just interested in a new fitness routine, squats are the answer!  One of the “big 3” muscle building gym activities, squats work your whole body, not just those glutes and hamstrings!   Read on to learn more about the benefits of squatting. The Benefits […]

50 High Protein Vegan Foods

Here is a list of 50 high protein vegan foods, useful whether you are a vegan body builder or not!  Each of the foods listed here are based on a 200 calorie serving.  Obviously getting 200 calories worth of asparagus or artichokes is pretty unrealistic, but these are laid out in equal measure to easily […]